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2019 One Pocket Hall of Fame Dinner

Scott Frost and James Walden are inducted into the One Pocket Hall of Fame.

9 thoughts on “2019 One Pocket Hall of Fame Dinner

  1. I loved watching this video and seeing two deserving guys get in the hall of fame. I have always said that if Scott was not in the hall we didn’t need to have one. Thanks for all that you guys to for this great game.

    1. Hello Danny,

      The compliments from yourself and so many others have overwhelmed me to the core. I’m blessed, I’m grateful and I’m thankful. Thank you to all who was involved in getting me into the HOF of 2k19.

      ~The less you bet, the more you lose when you win

  2. I wanted to thank Billiard Lifestyle for everything they’ve contributed to this amazing game, amazing night and amazing week! The videos Josh and his team produced throughout the 2019 Derby City Classic were stunning and long overdue. Well done!

    1. Thanks so much Scott. Looking forward to doing many more!

  3. Thank you so much from one who wanted to be there but couldn’t this year. Both the sound and the video quality are outstanding.

    Thanks Again.

  4. Hello I have been trying to watch this. It is not working is there something I can do to get it working.

    1. Hello Travis,
      The video is a rather large file and if you’re trying to watch on your smartphone, your service provider may not allow the file to load. Please try on a desktop or laptop computer.

      Billiard Lifestyle

  5. Any chance you’d post this on YouTube? I only ask as I’m having a tough time watching it from my computer. It doesn’t preload much of the video, and so always hangs, waits to load, plays a few seconds, then hangs and load again. It looks like a great video, so hoping to watch it all. Thanks again for putting it together!

    1. Yes, here’s a direct link:

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