Design Policy


  • After an order has been initiated, you will receive a mock-up via email for the customized items on your order from one of our coordinators/designers within the established time frame for providing mock-ups.
  • Email is the preferred line of communication for revisions and an email is required for the final mock-up approval. Without an email approval of the mock-up, the design will not move forward into the production process.
  • By submitting your final mock-up approval to our design team, you agree to the following terms:

I verify that all lettering and/or word spellings, graphics, colors and content included in the approved mock-up are correct.
Billiard Lifestyle is not liable for errors in a final product caused by any of the following reasons: misspelling, graphics, grammar, punctuation and the final appearance of colors.

Note: Art mock-ups are not to scale and are used for demonstration purposes only, as all sizing and placement of team names, player numbers, and logos is per our standard.
The colors displayed on your screen and shown on your own mock-up are not guaranteed to be a true match to the colors that will be on the finished product. The output of screen displays do vary between devices and will alter the color.


  • Because customized products are personalized to you or your team, this means that once an order has been placed for production, we cannot make changes to the order.
  • All change(s) are subject to review. If change(s) are allowable and the mock-up has not been approved, Billiard Lifestyle will proceed with requested change(s). The fee for the Custom Order Change beyond that is $75.00 per order.
    *NO changes will be allowed for Fill-In Orders.*


  • Billiard Lifestyle’s design team prides itself on the ability to deliver high-quality custom artwork designed to your team’s unique taste. However, because Billiard Lifestyles’s name and reputation are attached to every design we create or print, we have set certain standards for content. Billiard Lifestyle reserves the right to refuse to produce artwork on the basis of content.
  •  The following are some of the categories of content which may cause a refusal:
    • Offensive language, symbols or gestures
    • Sexually explicit or suggestive content
    • Racist or anti-religious content on themes
    • The inclusion of copyrighted images
  • If your logo is rejected either by the art team or customer service, you will be given an opportunity to alter your design’s content so that it can be produced. Though we will make every effort to inform you that we must reject such items as early in the process as possible, please note that these changes may increase design time.
  • If you are providing a file for us and think some of the content may not pass, please contact customer service before your order. This may prevent delays later.


  • Artwork (including photographs, drawings, logos, etc) must meet the size and resolution requirements for the item you are customizing. Art must be at least 150DPI (300DPI preferred) and the length/width of the image must match the size it will be printed on the item. If artwork needs to be enlarged or otherwise modified to meet your needs, we are not responsible for any quality issues related to printing of the artwork.


  • Billiard Lifestyle is committed to providing the best quality items in the most offered color options to our customers.
  • Due to many variables with our factories worldwide, Billiard Lifestyle cannot guarantee exact fabric or color reproductions on any and all fill-in orders.
  • Due to different graphic materials and application processes, slight color differences may occur between the same colors used on different printing methods.
    For example: A navy screen print graphic may be a slightly different color than a navy full dye graphic.
  • We have taken great care in producing a color palette which matches, as closely as possible, the colors in our fabric(s). When these colors are printed as part of a gradient, they will sometimes not match as closely as a solid-color. When our art department sends you a mock-up please not that because of variations in display and/or printer settings it is impossible for us to be sure we are displaying an exact match. The color in your garment may or may not resemble the color on your screen or print out. Colors used in mock-ups are for display purposes only.
  • Billiard Lifestyle colors are referred to by name at the time of order and confirmed when the mock-up is confirmed. Unfortunately, customized items cannot be accepted for return for final color output not matching either the color displayed at the time of mock-up was confirmed, or not matching other items ordered. Please contact your account rep. or customer service if you believe that a named color was used in error. Our policy is to provide the closest color matching possible for our customers.


  • Billiard Lifestyle and its affiliated companies want to work with you to put your designs, artwork, and logos on the products you purchase from Billiard Lifestyle. Any such designs which Billiard Lifestyle prepares for you (“Artwork”), will be the property of Billiard Lifestyle and will remain Billiard Lifestyle’s intellectual property even if you have paid a fee for our graphic design services. You (“The Customer”) receive the Artwork for approval provided as JPG / PNG image(s) as it appears on goods purchased from Billiard Lifestyle and not in an electronic vector format. Billiard Lifestyle has the right to use the Artwork for any lawful purpose, including without limitation, for sales and advertising.
  • If you (“The Customer”) supply us with original and usable designs (“Customer Designs”), those Customer Designs will remain your property, unless you request changes to the Customer Designs by our design team that significantly change the design. Such changes will result in the Customer Design becoming Artwork owned by Billiard Lifestyle . You (“The Customer”) represent that you have all the appropriate rights to use Customer Designs, logos, and graphics in which you provide to Billiard Lifestyle, and you agree to be responsible for all costs or damages arising from a claim of infringement related to your Customer Design. You will need to provide written proof of your rights to use any third party logo or trademark prior to Billiard Lifestyle using such logos or incorporating such logos into your Artwork.